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Although birds can easily survive on their own, your feathery friends can benefit from a little help, especially during especially hot or cold weather. We stock a huge variety of bird care products to make sure your garden is thriving.

Depending on the species, many birds prefer different types of seeds & treats. Throughout the winter months, food such as sunflower hearts, suet, and peanut kernels are perfect for various bird species including:

  • Most species of British woodpecker
  • Blue tits
  • Great tits
  • Nuthatches
  • Blackbirds
  • Starlings
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Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Choosing, maintaining and using your wild bird feeders is a rewarding and easy activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family, especially children! Once you begin feeding wild birds, you will find yourself attached to caring for these delightful creatures whenever you can. We have a wide range of different feeders,  from hopper feeders to tube feeders and various seed types for different species. Whether you’re looking for Corn, Sunflower Seeds, Suet or anything else – we can help.

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We Can Help

We Can Help

Not sure what type of feeders or birdseed you might need? If you are wanting to attract more than one species of birds to your garden, you will have to use multiple different types of feeders and a variety of birdseed. When selecting bird feeders, make sure you dissuade the bird species you don’t want around your garden. As there are so many different kinds of bird feed available, it helps to know what type of seed and food various species eat.

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